SANDRA SPA in Pogorzelica!

Here it is always good weather.
Planning a trip to rest - to the forest or the sea, but do not want to worry about the weather?
Need relief, relaxation and fun?
And may want to mute and professionally take care of your health with the assistance of specialists?
All this and much more you can do both! If you ask how? See!



Sojourn in an elegant, comfortable and tastefully furnished with air-conditioned room or apartment. You can also select one of the lush greenery surrounded by the summer pavilions in which, resting in the quiet garden wilt satisfy your senses gentle murmur of the leaves, the smell of fresh sea air, the warmth of the sun. And when ye shall desire to eat, find the appropriate place in one of three charming cafes, restaurants, tea rooms, mineral water pump room, or simply take advantage of one of the stylish dining room. Resting, you can choose one of the many spectacular places in the Sandra, like a garden with a specially prepared spots to relax or enjoy your surroundings with one of the viewing terraces. You can also visit a mini zoo.




Life-giving water is soothing, healing ... but it makes just fun. Best when you can benefit from all its advantages at the same time or change the experience so as to rest while doing something for health. Prepared by our indoor and outdoor pools, jacuzzi, water playgrounds for children, two slides and other water attractions always surprising multiplicity of opportunities, diversity, attention to detail and anticipation of needs. Children may prefer to use the water jungle baraszkując among water toys. But if you desire to spend time both healthy and active, you can also use the tennis courts, bicycles, mini golf, games of skill or one of the many other attractions. If they want to renew your fitness or just for health care will help you in this fully professional team in a rehabilitation center and wellness center, which concern the necessary knowledge and experience will take care of your ailments. Harmony, relaxation, vitality - SPA is a rush of water, the smell of oil, heat the sauna, massage, relaxation - forget about the problems and restore harmony to his body and soul. Derive great satisfaction to watch how your body every day becomes more beautiful and more relaxed. Years of experience and cutting-edge technology has taught us how important is the lasting effect that builds confidence and trust. You're welcome. Discover your beauty again! And if you want to spend time with others you can participate in rioting, fires, grilling, dance evenings, or take part in excursions to the beautiful and healing nature of natural resource area.




There is no more effective than such business meetings which are held in attractive locations. However, the same place is not enough ... If you want to organize a conference in the Sandra you can count on the impact of both the beautiful surroundings, attractive opportunities for recreation but fully professional equipment that is specially prepared, air-conditioned conference rooms, ensuring full support nagłośnieniowo - presentation with full access to the latest visualization techniques as well as telephone and Internet. During the breaks the participants will be able to take advantage of available in room coffee bar and a specially prepared places holiday, which can be used, for example, conference participants snack.




Surrounding pine forest. Charming nooks and landing on the beach. Sound of the sea ... Beaches rich in iodine breeze. Landscape parks. Historical objects. Excellent area for mushrooming. The place is located near Kolobrzeg, Międzyzdroje, Swinoujscie, Wolin Island of Wolin National Park ... All this meant that he had created here was a center rehabilitation and recreation SANDRA SPA ...


... come and Surrender to the allure of the place and certainly you fancy coming back here more than once ... WELCOME!

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